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Download the Cornerstone State of Data Use in EMS Whitepaper

When trying to make improvements within an EMS agency, measurement and evidence are essential tools in the decision-making process and in understanding the impact of any changes. Meaningful data can drive smart, evidence-based decisions and make EMS agencies more effective and efficient. Many EMS organizations are in the early stages of creating systems to use data for regular, meaningful analysis to inform operational, clinical and budgetary decision-making. In an effort to learn more about the state of data collection, data analysis and data-driven decision-making in EMS, Fitch & Associates partnered with EMS1 to survey hundreds of EMS professionals and leaders. The results of the Cornerstone Survey provide insight into how the EMS profession is using data right now—and how it isn’t.

The survey showed that most EMS agencies are collecting vast amounts of data, which is clearly an important first step. But the survey’s findings suggest that many agencies are struggling to devote the resources needed for meaningful data analysis— including personnel, time and technology. Information gleaned from agency data is, after all, essential to helping EMS agencies demonstrate their value to taxpayers, patients, city councils, state agencies, hospitals and other partners in a changing reimbursement landscape.

This free whitepaper explores the current uses of data in EMS as well as the implications of that use for EMS leaders in the future.

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