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FIND Offers Simple Guidance for Lost Person Searches

During the summer months, many people enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. Search and rescue personnel are also outside, but for a different reason – searching for lost individuals including children and those with mental disabilities and illnesses.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate’s (S&T) First Responders Group (FRG) has been developing and testing a suite of tools designed for first responders deployed during search and rescue operations. Taking its Lost Person Locator (LPL) project to new heights, FRG has been working in partnership with dbS Productions to develop FIND.

The new FIND software uses Lost Person Locator statistics of decisions and patterns made by lost individuals in over 150,000 past cases, known as lost person behavior.

“The FIND app is the latest LPL project to reach the final evaluation phase. It compiles the data on where the person is most likely to be found, based on the common patterns and behaviors of those lost and in distress,” said S&T Program Manager Angela Ervin.

S&T and the dBS team have been partnering to accomplish this final developed suite of tools. “The biggest hurdle is the need to integrate hardware and software to provide intelligent analysis and actionable information,” said Robert Koester, CEO of dbS Productions. “It is no longer enough to have the latest and greatest device or hardware. The information is simply starting to get to be too much to track and actually use. Therefore, the most essential need for search and rescue is the ability to bring everything together so the first responders on-scene can make practical decisions. Integration of information allows the sum to be greater than its parts.”

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