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First Responder Technologies: A Year of Transition

FRG’s First Responder Technologies (R-Tech) division is all about…you guessed it…developing cutting-edge technology for our nation’s first responders. Our mission: maximize their preparedness, enhance their efficiency and identify quick, innovative solutions to the problems that they — firefighters, paramedics, police, incident commanders, search and rescue task forces, dispatchers, bomb technicians, and all other disciplines — face every day.

We can’t, of course, achieve all of this in a vacuum. We work hand-in-hand with responders from across the country through our First Responder Resource Group, and they aren’t shy about telling us what they lack and what they want. R-Tech then finds the right developers (industry, academia, government agencies), evaluators (laboratories, responders and again, government partners), and finally commercial partners, to transition the technology to those in the field.

In 2015, R-Tech did just that — transitioned several such technologies first responders will soon get their hands on (or in) to. I am excited to share five of these with you today, as well as a sneak peek of some brand new equipment on the horizon for 2016.

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