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K-9 Sniffs Out Hidden Electronic Devices

The cops have dogs that sniff out bombs, dogs that detect drugs and dogs that find people. Now, state police K-9 expertise is going high tech, with an yellow Lab named Winnie who is trained to zero in on criminal suspects’ hidden computers.

Finding electronic devices and the evidence they hold is a growing problem for investigators in the Internet age, said Trooper Christopher MacDonald, Winnie’s handler.

“We would have house searches and we were coming up empty handed, but we had a pretty good idea there is something there, something we are missing,” MacDonald said. “It could be anything, from child pornography to homicides to financial crimes. In almost every case, there is some sort of electronics.”

Winnie trained four weeks with a Connecticut state police K-9 unit and another six weeks with MacDonald. She graduated on April 15, and already has worked a half-dozen cases, MacDonald said, recently finding a cellphone and an external hard drive that were “integral” to an investigation.

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