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National Firefighter Cancer Registry Gaining Support

Cancer is killing firefighters.

While research over the past decade has shown that responders have a high risk for developing certain cancers, there’s still no database to determine just how widespread it may be.

But that may soon change as members of Congress have introduced a measure to create a National Firefighter Cancer Registry.

Brian McQueen, safety officer and former chief of Whitesboro, NY Vol. Fire Dept., is hoping lawmakers give the nod for the CDC to create the registry.

“On Dec. 24, 2013, I was diagnosed with B Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which I contracted due to perpetual exposure to carcinogens over the nearly four decades of service as a volunteer firefighter. I am happy to say that today my cancer is in remission. The panel of five oncologists confirmed that my cancer diagnosis is linked to my passion to help others as a volunteer firefighter,” he told a group in Washington, DC on Tuesday.

McQueen did more than sit idly by after his diagnosis. He developed “Cancer in the Fire Service…Why are We Still Killing Firefighters?”

Since launching the program, he’s travelled nearly 8,000 miles to discuss how firefighters can limit their exposures to certain cancer-causing chemicals.

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