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The Threat Of Agroterrorism

An attack against the agricultural industry is a multidimensional threat that would have impacts that far exceed the death or destruction of plants and animals. The agricultural industry is very broad and diverse and can encompass the production of animals, plants, fish, forestry products, fertilizer production and a host of other activities. An attack against the industry would impact the economy of the United States and the rest of the world. The introduction of a food-borne illness into the food supply that affects many of the nation’s citizenry would create mass panic and result in losses in revenue for producers and retailers.

The financial impact of the introduction of an animal or plant disease into the agricultural infrastructure would not only result in the loss of agricultural products, it would also disrupt trade and employment. Terrorists search for areas of vulnerability and targets that are easy to exploit. The failure to recognize the threat posed by agroterrorism, and the lack of adequate policies and programs to educate the agricultural industry, will leave the nation weak and vulnerable to an attack.

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