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UCF Study Examines First Responder Stress and Support Needs

Anastasia Miller understands the stress experienced by first responders, having worked as an emergency medical technician and firefighter before enrolling in the public affairs doctoral program at UCF.

In fact these work experiences led her to study support strategies and burnout among first responders as her dissertation research, which she will defend next month.

Her research is the first scientific study of its kind in Florida, and it confirmed what she expected.

“The four types of first responders — law enforcement personnel, firefighters, dispatchers and emergency medical service providers — cannot be treated the same,” Miller said. “They have different needs and different support requirements, and they display stress differently.”

Some first responders experience secondary traumatic stress, a subset of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, she said. They may have very similar symptoms to PTSD, but the symptoms result from witnessing a traumatic event or helping a victim overcome an event rather than being a direct victim of an event.

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