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Why Security Officers Should Carry Tourniquets

In many ways, security is considered the little sibling to law enforcement. Security officers generally do not have the legal authority of their law enforcement counterparts and are often trained at a lower standard.

However, this mindset is changing. Private security is evolving with respect to training and the scope of responsibilities. Although their jobs are certainly different, security officers can benefit from many aspects of law enforcement. This includes the use of certain kinds of tactics and equipment.

One piece of equipment that can help save lives is tourniquets. As law enforcement agencies across the country start to equip their officers with tourniquets, security agencies should start following suit.

Modern-day security officers have many responsibilities, from basic enforcement of rules to catering to customer needs. As active-shooter or mass-casualty incidents rise, it is imperative that security officers, who are often first responders in these scenarios, are properly trained.

During an active-shooter incident, security personnel must be trained not only how to respond to the shooting itself, but also how to help those who are injured.

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