There are two types of IAB affiliation: Members, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).  Members form the core of the IAB and are held to a higher standard of participation.  However, persons with a very high degree of technical knowledge/experience can often contribute significantly to specific discussions, publications, or presentations and thus deserve to be recognized for their efforts.  While Members and SMEs have different attributes and requirements, the general term “membership” applies to both. 


Any person who is nominated by the Membership Committee to be a Member and who accepts membership in the IAB will become a Member.  Each Member serves a term of three (3) years, which is renewable at the option of the Membership Committee.    Members are eligible to vote in elections for SubGroup Chairs, the IAB Chair, and any other issues referred to the IAB membership for vote. 


Members agree to full and active participation in the operation of the IAB and to adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards.  Members are expected to participate in all scheduled calls and meetings, and to complete actions for which they accept responsibility on schedule


Subject Matter Experts are also nominated by the Membership Committee and are individuals who have specific expertise or experience that is critical to the IAB Mission.  Examples include academic or industrial expertise in equipment-related science or engineering (e.g., PPE materials testing, chemistry/physics for detection and decontamination, or specialized medical experience).  SMEs may also be retirees who, while no longer available for full participation, volunteer to remain available on an ad hoc basis for consultation and specific projects such as guidance documents. 


Unlike Members, SMEs are not expected to attend all IAB calls and meetings.  However, their participation will still be monitored to ensure that their specific commitments are met (such as delivery of a scheduled draft document or attendance at a meeting that they have agreed to attend).   SMEs may be assigned to specific SubGroups based upon their expertise.  However, because of their limited participation and responsibilities, SMEs do not vote, nor are they eligible to chair a SubGroup or hold a position on the Executive Committee.

For more information regarding membership, please contact the IAB Membership Committee