The IAB is organized into five SubGroups and an Executive Committee, with other committees established as needed. Each SubGroup is staffed with a combination of Members and Subject Matter Experts focused on its specific areas of interest, and is responsible for maintaining one or more sections of the Standardized Equipment List (SEL). The Executive Committee consists of all the SubGroup Chairs as well as the Leadership Team.

IAB Chair

Tim Dorsey
Sarasota County Fire Department
Assistant Fire Chief
Special Programs

IAB Secretary

Lisa Lanham
Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office


Operations and Law Enforcement SubGroup

Eric Ashburn - Chair
Walker County Fire Rescue
Assistant Chief

The Operations and Law Enforcement SubGroup covers a wide range of operational equipment ranging from bomb squads to aviation.  Major emphasis areas include search and rescue, as well as law enforcement and crime scene investigation.  Support equipment and vehicles are also part of the Ops charter, including robots, mission-specific vehicles, boats, and aircraft.  This SubGroup focuses on standards and interoperability across all operational equipment and uses the SEL to provide operating considerations and training requirements to help agencies become more informed purchasers and maintainers of this equipment.

Primary SEL Responsibility: Sections 2, 3, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20

Personal Protective Equipment SubGroup

Bill Haskell - Chair
NIOSH National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (Retired)

The PPE SubGroup addresses the personal protection equipment needs of responders to support their operations at CBRN or other all-hazards incidents. To develop recommendations for protective equipment, the PP&OE SubGroup periodically conducts a gap assessment of existing and forthcoming standards.  Many PPE SubGroup members are activecommittee-level participants in consensus standards organizations such as NFPA and ASTM.

The SubGroup recommends that the selection of personal protective ensembles be based on a risk-based model, considering both the hazard to be encountered (hazard type and physical state) and the job function to be performed (probability of exposure or contact).

Primary SEL Responsibility: Section 1

Medical SubGroup

Ken Miller, MD, PhD - Chair
Santa Clara County EMS Agency
Medical Director

The Medical SubGroup provides guidance to the IAB on medical, public health, and incident health and safety equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals needed to respond to CBRNE events. This guidance is developed from member experience and  discussion of relevant material.

In addition, the MSG reviews and advises the IAB on needs for new or modified equipment performance and operational standards. The MSG strives to understand, and document in the SEL, the generic medical, public health, and incident health and safety equipment, supply, and pharmaceutical capabilities to support responders, first receivers, and volunteers as they prepare for, respond to, and recover from CBRNE events.

Primary SEL Responsibility: Sections 9, 16

Detection and Decontamination SubGroup

Doug Wolfe- Chair
Sarasota County Fire Department (retired)
Response Technologies, Inc. (CEO)

The Detection and Decontamination SubGroup provides input, direction, standards, and information to first responders on equipment for sampling, detecting, identifying, quantifying, monitoring, and decontaminating WMD agent (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive) contamination throughout designated areas or at specific points and items that support detection activities.

The D&D SubGroup is responsible for addressing equipment identification, interoperability, and standardization in three complex areas of detection and decontamination: CWAs (including TICs), biological warfare agents, and radiological/nuclear materials. This work includes articulating user requirements for D&D equipment; identifying existing equipment guidelines or performance standards that address user requirements; and developing, maintaining, and updating the D&D portion of the SEL, which provides the responder a reference to the type of equipment required to prepare for, respond to, mitigate, and recover from a CBRNE incident.

Primary SEL Responsibility: Sections 7, 8, 15

Information Management and Communication SubGroup

Joe Namm - Chair
Firefighter (and former Battalion Chief), Plantation, FL Fire Rescue

The mission of the IM&C SubGroup is to identify and make recommendations on a model suite of practices, capabilities, applications, and equipment that provide for secure and assured communication and information systems.  Its portfolio includes computer hardware and software (including applications), cybersecurity software and appliances, and both operational and administrative telecommunications.  As software applications proliferate and overlap with communications, this SubGroup focuses on standards and interoperability across platforms, using recommendations in the SEL to highlight and address possible impediments to successful integration.

Primary SEL Responsibility: Sections 4, 5, 6