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Modeling, Simulations & Simulators (MS&S)

The intent of the MS&S E-Tool is to help guide emergency response organizations in determining the most appropriate technology (model, simulation, or simulator) given their objectives and constraints. Once the user identifies a particular technology path, the tool will provide them with the related questions to ask competing vendors so that they can make more informed purchasing decisions based on comparable information. Click here for the MS&S full white paper for more information.

One of the best ways for response organizations to improve their technology acquisition experience is to make sure they have a common and clear understanding of their requirements. The following questions are the foundation of a sound training program and will help organizations get the maximum benefit from whatever technology they purchase.

  • 1. What roles does the organization want to train?
  • 2. What types of missions/tasks does the organization want to teach?
  • 3. What knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) does the organization seek to teach? What are the responder KSAs addressed by the technology? What KSAs are “trainable” by this MS&S (i.e. are the KSAs to be trained affective, cognitive, or psychomotor)?
  • 4. What degree of support for interdisciplinary and multi-jurisdictional activities is the organization seeking?
  • 5. Does the organization require live, virtual, and/or constructive uses of the technology?

The Responder Training Development Center includes a course development & review process and the four CORE Stages (Confirm, Organize, Review, and Enable) aligned with the Planning, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (PADDIE) model.