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Modeling, Simulations & Simulators

Please read each question and select the link of the type of resource that best describes your needs:

Are you looking to replicate real world situations (i.e. weather, chemical plume, pandemic, etc.) that will predict behavior based on a given criteria (i.e. wind speed, topography, etc.)?
Are you looking to practice making decisions in low-frequency, high-consequence events (i.e. HazMat WMD, active shooter, etc.)?
Are you looking to practice hands-on skills with real-life application (driving simulator, monitoring, and detection)?

Disclaimer: Any products listed in the MS&S E-Tool are used as an example of a type of technology. The IAB is not endorsing any specific vendor or product. The IAB does not assume any liability for the performance of equipment items used in the MS&S E-Tool.