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MSS Simulator


A simulator is a piece of equipment using computer-generated simulations designed to artificially duplicate the conditions likely to be encountered in some operation or with a device or instrument. Simulators tend to be skill-based and have a psycho-motor orientation.

A simulator is a one part of a successful training program. In order to achieve results, simulator time should be combined with classroom training, hands-on training, and include an assessment program.[1]


Fire truck driving simulator Monitoring simulator Shoot/No shoot simulator Patient Simulators/EMS mannequins


  • Simulators apply the idea that “practice makes perfect”
  • Simulators provide the ability to practice complex, dangerous, or high risk skills in a low threat environment
  • Simulators are an effective way to provide training on complex, expensive equipment items without taking them out of service


  • Cost – purchasing and maintaining a simulator can be expensive
  • Room – Some simulators are quite large and require a dedicated space with special support (networking, etc.)
  • If a learner’s technique is incorrect, a simulator could be reinforcing bad/wrong habits

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[1] Vehicle Driving Simulation: A Possible Solution to Vehicle Crashes, USFA Report, Parker, Patrick J., p.28.