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Health, Medical & Responder Safety (HMRS) SubGroup


The mission of the Health, Medical, and Responder Safety (HMRS) SubGroup is to provide safety guidance to the IAB on health, medical, and responder equipment, supplies, pharmaceuticals, operations, and training needed to respond to CBRNE events. This guidance is developed from member experience and discussion of relevant material(s). In addition, the HMRS SubGroup reviews and makes recommendations to the IAB on needs for new or modified equipment performance and operational standards. The HMRS SubGroup documents in the SEL and RKB the generic HMRS equipment and supplies (including pharmaceuticals) to support responders, first receivers, and volunteers as they prepare for, respond to, and recover from CBRNE events.

Roles and Functions
  • Identify gaps and needs for providing safe and effective care
  • Evaluate the efficacy and appropriateness of existing and future health and safety-related products, processes, practices, and information
  • Serve on working groups that address public health, medical, and responder safety
  • Develop recommendations about how to identify, control, reduce, or eliminate responder safety hazards; prevent injuries; and reduce mortality
  • Develop a medical concept of operations for planning, managing, and recovering from incidents that cause physical and/or physiological harm
  • Analyze threat scenarios and make recommendations about how to safely protect public health,medical, and responder personnel and victims


Herbert Wolfe's picture
HMRS Federal Co-Chair
Herbert Wolfe
Office of the Chief Medical Officer
Department of Homeland Security, Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction