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Information Management and Communications (IM&C) SubGroup


The mission of the Information Management and Communications SubGroup is to develop and advocate processes, protocols, and technologies for effective, timely, accurate, secure, and resilient information management and communications capabilities for addressing the full range of incidents at all phases of operations.

Roles and Functions

The Information Management and Communications SubGroup will accomplish its mission through the identification of needs and gaps in the responder information and communications environments in order to recommend and advocate for mitigating solutions and standards. The scope includes the following practices and technologies:

  • System and strategy improvements for intelligence and decision support, including the collection, administration, sharing, analysis, and protection of information
  • Gaps and challenges related to information collection, sharing, classification, categorization, storage, security, and dissemination that affect incident prevention and emergency preparedness and response
  • Decision support materials and interoperable communications technologies, policies, and strategies
  • Effective development and integration of interoperable communications and decision support technologies and practices to provide indications and warnings and information/intelligence support for operations


David Lee's picture
Federal Co-Chair
David Lee
Security Specialist
Mark Hogan's picture
State & Local Co-Chair
Mark Hogan
Director of Asset Management
City of Tulsa (OK)