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Standards Coordination SubGroup (SCSG)


The mission of the Standards Coordination SubGroup (SCSG) is to coordinate standards projects within the IAB, with external organizations, and with the first responder community. The objective is to promote local, state, and federal preparedness for responding to all-hazards incidents, especially those involving CBRNE issues. Additionally, by focusing the nation's resources and expertise in a common effort to establish minimum performance standards to which critical equipment can be tested, evaluated, and certified, the SCSG helps to provide first responders with objective guidance for making informed decisions regarding the purchase and proper use of that equipment. As a result, both first responders and the citizens they serve can have greater confidence in the technologies upon which their lives depend.

Roles and Functions
  • Identify and document applicable standards from IAB and external sources
  • Prioritize standards requirements and related interoperability and compatibility issues
  • Identify existing standards, performance requirements, and test methods that could streamline the development of new standards or be modified to meet the needs of responders
  • Identify potential conflicting requirements and facilitate reconciliation of these issues
  • Participate in standards development and revision processes
  • Inform emergency responders about appropriate application of standards
  • Draft and disseminate studies, white papers, and other reports on standards, interoperability issues, and compatibility issues
  • Recommend and promote the adoption and use of standards
  • Identify and inform responders about relevant standards activities, comment periods, and programs that are addressing interoperability and compatibility issues
Gary Backous's picture
SCSG State & Local Co-Chair
Gary Backous
Story County (IA) Sheriff
Cassy Robinson's picture
SCSG Federal Co-Chair
Cassy Robinson
Physical Scientist, Standards Coordination Office
National Institute of Standards and Technology